Android 11: These 3 manufacturers delivered an update the fastest

Android 11: These 3 manufacturers delivered an update the fastest

Android 11
Many Android 11 updates have been announced, but only a few have been delivered so far. (Source: Google)
  • Google released Android 11 in early September.
  • The first update from a third-party manufacturer followed 16 days later.
  • Chinese manufacturers are the update kings in 2020.

The Android 11 update has been available for a few weeks. So far, only a few manufacturers have distributed an update to smartphones. Techworld tells you which Android manufacturer was the fastest and which manufacturers are still working on the firmware.

Top 3: Google, OnePlus, and Oppo

It is hardly surprising that Google rolled out the Android 11 update the fastest. Finally, the Internet company developed the mobile phone OS. OnePlus is in second place. It took the Chinese manufacturer about 31 days until the OnePlus 8 (Pro) update was distributed.

OnePlus was already in the top 3 last year. The first OnePlus smartphone reached Android 10 after just 16 days.

Oppo secured 3rd place. The manufacturer, also from China, published an update to Android 11 for the Find X2 Pro in Germany at the beginning of November, almost 60 days after it was approved by Google. A few days later, Xiaomi and Realme, and Samsung also started distributing Android 11 in Germany.

All other manufacturers are currently still working on updating the devices. You can expect more Android 11 updates in the next few weeks.
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