Xiaomi: Inexpensive Apple Watch clone now available in Germany

Xiaomi: Inexpensive Apple Watch clone now available in Germany

Xiaomi Apple Watch clone now available in Germany

Xiaomi brings the Mi Watch Lite to Germany. You can now pre-order the cheap Apple Watch clone from Amazon.
  • Xiaom brings the Mi Watch Lite to Germany.
  • This is the international version of the Redmi Watch.
  • The smartwatch can be pre-ordered from Amazon for 90 euros.
In December 2020, Xiaomi caused a sensation online with the Redmi Watch . The smartwatch is visually reminiscent of the Apple Watch, but costs significantly less at the equivalent of 50 euros.

Xiaomi is now launching the clone under the name "Mi Watch Lite" in Europe. At first the watch was only available in Spain. But she has now secretly added Amazon Germany to its range.

However, Amazon currently lists the watch in this country for 90 and not for 50 euros as at the market launch in Spain. But this may still be a placeholder, because you can currently only pre-order the smartwatch. It won't officially appear until January 11th. Amazon offers the Mi Watch Lite in three colors: black, blue and beige.

Are you interested? Then you shouldn't wait long to buy, in Spain the watch is currently completely out of stock. In the following we introduce you to the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite.

New name, familiar design

Visually, the Mi Watch Lite is strongly based on the popular Apple Watch . For example, the Chinese manufacturer relies on a square case and not a round one, only the Mi Watch Lite does not have a crown. Instead, a rectangular button adorns the edge of the case.

Like the Chinese variant Redmi Watch, the Mi Watch Lite offers a 1.4 inch display. You can personalize this with over 120 watch faces, which, by the way, also have a striking similarity to those of the Apple Watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite in pictures

These pictures show the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite.

Weighing just 35 grams, the watch including the bracelet is as light as a feather. It is also waterproof. Xiaomi gives a value of 5 ATM for this.

You can track these sports with the Mi Watch Lite
Thanks to the support of GPS and Glonass, you can also use the Mi Watch Lite to track your training. The Mi Watch Lite can recognize 11 workouts:
  • To run
  • Treadmill
  • Cycling (outdoor, indoor)
  • Swimming in open water
  • Swimming in the swimming pool
  • Walk
  • hike
  • Trail running
  • Cricket
  • Freestyle
In addition to GPS and Glonass, the Mi Watch Lite also has a heart rate monitor and a barometer.

Range of functions

The following features are also part of the range of functions:
  • Sleep tracking
  • Breathing training
  • Weather forecast
  • timer
  • stopwatch
  • Alarm clock
  • Find my cell phone
  • flashlight

Xiaomi promises a battery life of 9 days with "normal" use, with activated GPS it drops to 10 hours. According to the manufacturer, the watch is charged in two hours.

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