Dude Theft Wars

 Dude Theft Wars Game

Dude Theft Wars
Dude Theft Wars is an action game developed by Poxel Studios.In Dude Theft Wars, there are three central characters, namely Jack, Chad, and Richie. But you play as a boy named Jack whose life changed dramatically after receiving a Call of Duty. And the call is for PvP Online FPS Multiplayer Shooter in Parkour Playground!

Explore numerous maps and beautiful terrains as you defeat multiple Enemy Ragdolls! Drive so many different types of fantastic vehicles and do crazy stunts! You can even launch traffic cars into the sky with ramp cars!

You’ll be committing so many crimes, and the police will always be on your tail. Your wanted level will increase if you kill dudes or damage cars with guns or grenades. Evade the police in high-level action-packed police chases and drop the heat!
Play many mini-games such as sports games, taxi driving, and lots more, and have unlimited fun with as many as 16 players in the multiplayer mode. You funny ragdoll physics and many in-game cheats as well!

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