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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor welcomes you to an idyllic and charming neighborhood. The thing is, your neighbor seems to be hiding a dark secret in his basement. And because you’re nosy, you made it your mission to sneak inside his house and inspect the basement!

Don’t be fooled! Hello Neighbor might look like a charming casual game, but it’s more intense, challenging, and action-packed than your typical stealth horror game! The Hello Neighbor hide and seek game will test not just your speed, but your wits as well.

While you are busy trying to sneak out and uncover your neighbor’s secret, your victim isn’t oblivious to this mission! He is also watching you, and he is prepared to get you at any time of the day. You will find booby traps everywhere! Once you are inside, he will make it hard for you to escape! So watch out, because this neighbor guards his basement secrets very well.

Your neighbor knows your every move, and he will be very prepared to counter it! So make sure you plan your strategies well, and try to have a backup escape plan when things go awry. You can make use of tools and pieces of evidence that you collect along the way. Use them to bust your neighbor and uncover whatever he is hiding in the basement.

Getting Inside Is Hard, But Escaping Is Harder!

In the Hello Neighbor free game, your main mission is to gain entry into your neighbor’s basement. Obviously, you have to get inside the house first – and then locate the basement. Sure, your neighbor might let you slip inside without a hitch. But don’t underestimate him, because if he sees you, he will make it hard for you to get out!

Your neighbor’s house is full of wide maze-like rooms that you can explore in. You can take your time to explore each room in the house. Occasionally, you can find bits of clues, keys, and tools that you can use to complete your mission. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

Develop Strategies to Outwit Your Neighbor

Your neighbor will usually know where and how you were able to get inside the house. You cannot use the same entry and strategy twice because the neighbor will set up cameras and traps in that area. If you do that, you will get caught. Hiding your presence is the most basic yet most effective aspect of stealth. If your neighbor can’t see you, it can’t prepare traps for you.

If you want to succeed in this game, three crucial aspects should be included in your strategy. The first one is to look for entry points. The second one is to look for the perfect hideout inside each room. Then plot an escape route when you need to get out fast.

The second one is very important because you can’t always use an entry point twice. Your neighbor is quick to block out any route you have used throughout the mission. If your neighbor is not in the room, you can take your time to explore it. Collect anything you can, but try to avoid making lots of noise. The reason is that your neighbor can hear and sense movements in his house!

How to Find the Red Key in Hello Neighbor

One of your first missions in the Hello Neighbor free game is to find the Red Key in Act 1. The Red Key is an important item because you need it to open the basement!

First, you have to climb up the roof to get inside your neighbor’s house. Use a few boxes that are left outside the porch to create a makeshift ladder. Once you are up, go to the front area and locate some whiteboards where you have to jump to the next side of the roof.

On this site, you can gain access to a front window that you can smash open to get inside. This will lead you upstairs where you can find a painting that is hung up next to a door. Move the painting to the side, and you will see a hole where you can jump through. Once there, you’ll find a Gold Key that will open a door to a room where the Red Key is.

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