Onlyfans Premium Guide

Onlyfans Premium Guide


OnlyFans is a platform that provides a Euro subscription service where anyone can become a producer like Netflix. In other words, each creator uploads their creations, and consumers subscribe to their creations by paying a monthly subscription fee. This is a differentiated platform where each individual can become a planner and producer of the OTT platform.

The important part here is that 80% of this subscription fee is provided to all creators, and only the remaining 20% is taken as commission. It is known that there are many creators who earn as little as $500 a month and as much as $100,000 a month with such a huge profit structure. That is why famous celebrities and creators earn money by uploading their daily life or short videos.

In addition, OnlyFans is also famous as a market for content. Recently, after each individual published their short porn on Twitter, OnlyFans moved to increase the number of subscribers and monetize OnlyFans temporarily. A ban was also announced.

How to make Only Fans accounts?

How to make OnlyFans accounts easy and simple by following all the needed steps? There is a way! And we will guide you through the process of creating your new Only Fans profile.

First of all, you must decide if you would like to be a ‘Content Creator’ or a ‘Subscriber’.

All content creators have the opportunity to post exclusive content. They can allow their fans to pay for content via a monthly subscription between $4.99 – $49.99. Thus, making a significant profit depending on the number of subscribers.

If you want to be a Subscriber/ Fan, then you will have the opportunity to follow certain people by paying to see their photos, videos and other exclusive materials. On Only Fans you can choose to follow Creators which match your taste.

You may be into a specific type and that’s ok. There are over 60 000 creators worldwide who post interesting content!

The first step in making all of this to happen is to create an account.

How to make Only Fans account for Content Creators?
The proper way to start earning money from your content is to make a Creator’s profile. To do that, go to the OnlyFans website (or app) and you’ll have 3 options:

  • Register manually (via e-mail)
  • Using your Google account
  • Using your Twitter account


Select one of the options and after you’ve filled the required information, the website will forward you to your account settings page. Now you can change and include different types of personal and public info.

This includes your account name, email, profile description and more. You can always come back and edit the changes by accessing the left sidebar. It contains your Profile, Security and Notification settings.


At the Profile page, there are options to change your name and select your subscription price (the price which your fans will need to pay in order to see your content). Also, there you can change your profile and cover images, add a bio, your location, website and even add your Amazon Wish List.

That’s cool, because you are giving your fans the option to purchase gifts which you’ve already selected. Your Subscribers won’t have access to any personal info from your Amazon account (don’t worry).


From ‘Account’ you not only have the opportunity to change the username, phone number and email, but also to connect multiple Only Fans accounts. You can manage all of them from each account. Isn’t that great!

When you go to ‘Menu’ you can see the number of subscribers and fans. Your credit card information is there too. In order to receive money from your fans it should be added. In ‘Menu’ you’ll be able to see your lists, bookmarks and of course - settings.

Now, you can even change your account to Dark mode. Why not?

That’s how to make Only Fans account for Creators!

Tip: Describe as much as possible about the type of content which you are posting in your Bio. This way, you are giving the visitors of your profile a change to determine if they would like to become subscribers!

How to make Only Fans account for fans/ subscribers?

The ecosystem of OnlyFans is built on the dependence of Creators and Fans (subscribers). If you think that the Creators are on the top of this chain, that’s not true. If there were no Fans, there wouldn’t be any Creators and vice versa.

Now, to create a Subscriber’s account you will have to go to the Only Fans website and click on Register. Choose a way to do that: Through your Google, Twitter accounts or the classic way via email.

Add Card Onlyfans

After the registration you’ll find yourself in your Only Fans account page. Click on ‘Menu’ > Your Cards and/ or Add Bank to insert your credit card and bank info. You’ll most probably need it, because not all of the Creator’s content is free. Most of them will have a subscription price. You can tip a Creator if you don’t want to become their monthly subscriber.

After you enter your credit card details - you are good to go! Now you know how to make Only Fans account for a Subscriber.

Onlyfans search icon

Click on the search icon and explore Creators profiles who match your taste.

Tip: Have in mind that when you subscribe to a Creator, the subscription will be renewed on a monthly basis by default.

subscribe to a Creator

So, you will be charged every month unless you turn it off manually or unsubscribe from the Creator.

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