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Sakura School Simulator
Sakura School Simulator

About  Sakura School Simulator

This is one of those games where developers offer the characters, the scenarios, and the tools, and we choose how to enjoy them. To start, we must create our customized character, a high school boy or girl. You have a lot of options, although to unlock most of the add-ons, you must be patient and watch ads. Later down the road, you will be able to choose between a boy, a girl, and a butler cat. That is just how this town is.

Once you have created your character, your avatar will appear in the world of Sakura School Simulator. Now ask yourself, what do you feel like doing? You can make friends, get a partner and enjoy a quiet school life, explore the town or even go crazy, steal weapons in the yakuza office and cause mayhem.

Of course, in the crazy Sakura Town, nobody dies. At the most, if someone is hurt, they blackout and wake up the next day seeking revenge.

Create whatever situations you want and find your favorite way to play.

What would you like to do today?

You have many possible actions available to interact with the rest of the characters and the environment: attack, jump, fly with a jet pack, and even talk to other individuals. Depending on your character, you can choose among several conversation options. You can also interact with animals, visit houses (including your character's), kill people, go shopping, see a wedding chapel, drive other people's cars, change clothes, go to the bathroom, give things away, buy different products... the works! We can do practically whatever we want.

The good thing about this game is how many game modes and possibilities it offers. The bad thing is the somewhat obsolete interface and all the ads that we will have to swallow. Also, they have not made a big effort about the graphics although they are ok.

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