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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

 Finally, the main trailer for the final season 4 2nd cooldown of Attack on Titan animation has been released. There is now less than a month left until the broadcast. There was nothing left.

About two months ago, I dealt with the PV trailer of 30 seconds or so, but this time, like the main trailer, the video is 1 minute and 40 seconds longer than this. It's loaded and I'd like to revisit the story of future developments one last time.

Attack on Titan Season 4 2nd Cool Final Season Main Trailer

Attack on Titan Final Season

This article contains information about future developments. If you haven't seen the original story to the end, please refrain from reading it because it's a spoiler.

Attack on Titan Final Season

The trailer for the final season part 2 of Attack on Titan begins with the appearance of Zeke Jaeger , the owner of the beast giant . In the last part 1, with the intention of hanging out with Levi, he pulled out the brain spear embedded in his body and was caught in an explosion and seemed to die, but somehow he appears intact without a single scratch.

attack on titan season 4 part 2

Eren, I want to end it now.

And the battle between the armor giant and the attack giant that was foretold in the final scene of the 75th episode of Attack on Titan anime will unfold in this 4th season, 2nd cool. If you include both the fight within the wall and the fight at Marais, it's the fourth. At first, Eren was defeated, but after learning the hard boots, he succeeded in inflicting damage and showed his ability to compete against armor.

attack on titan season 4 part 2 release

Reiner Brown asks Eren Jaeger what he's fighting for, but those who have been watching would have been able to predict the answer Eren would get from his mouth. Because I was born into this world . These were the words that Eren Jaeger spit out of his mouth like a habit from the first season onwards. It is also a passage that shows that his inherent personality is the same as it was before and now.

​And Mikasa Ackerman's childhood appearance appears. This is why Mikasa is obsessed with Eren, and the original work was released after the serialization ended, but the rice cakes that have not yet been retrieved from the anime are recovered only after a long wait in the 4th 2nd Cool Final season. Will be.

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At this point, let's take a look at the production staff. As with the last attack giant Final Season 1 Cool, the animation production company is Mapa Studios, and Yamamoto Kota has been confirmed for the music. Mapa was criticized for the jagged drawing condition , poor directing, and music that was not used in the right place in the last 4th season, 1st cool, etc.

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The majority of the upper class of mankind drank the wine containing Sieg's spinal fluid, so with the advent of Zee Jaeger, he served as a trainee with Eren under no strange circumstances, and a colleague who served as an investigative corps together. They are going to be active this time.

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In the final season 1 cool trailer of the last attacking giant, the feeling of drawing at the time of wit studio remained in its own way, while this 4 season 2 cool trailer was produced with Mapa's unique feeling .

But if you look closely, this is much closer to the original feeling of Hajime Isayama. However, Mikasa's appearance is concerned about whether she will be able to maintain a steady state in the main story.

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In the Marai invasion operation, the attacking giant turned into a giant in the place where important figures in the world were gathered and massacred them, so it was judged that it was unlikely that they would attack Paradis Island from Mare for a while . Formed, and swiftly waged a war against them .

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As it was immediately proven that the power of the thunder spear can inflict fatal blows even with hard boots, I couldn't help but wonder at Sieg Jaeger's fine appearance. loses.

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The battle between Ymir's people and Maraine on Paradis Island, and the female giant Annie Leonhart, who is still sleeping deep underground, is also reflected once again. I haven't woken up since being sealed in the first season, but it's been a while since I've seen her in an anime.

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The scene above seems to be a scene drawn in the first cool of the 4th season or appears as a brief reminiscence. When Eren Jaeger broke into Marais, he came into contact with Zeeg Jaeger, the main force of the Marais, and talked between half-brother and younger brother.

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Come on, Eren!

Two conditions are required in order to use the progenitor's giant ability called ground leveling or ground ringing. First, you must be the heir to the giants of the first generation, and you must be the heir to the royal family .

Eren Jaeger inherited the ancestral giant from his father, but did not inherit the royal blood, and Zeeg Jaeger did not inherit the ancestral giant but inherited the blood of his mother. Therefore, they can use the progenitor's giant ability by contacting them , and this is the main content of Attack on Titan 4th season 2nd cooldown.

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If so, others will only keep them out of contact in this chaotic battlefield. Gaby Brown, who hasn't heard good things from people who have been watching the original or watching the anime all along, does what he does here, but we'll see how he can recreate this scene.

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Porco Galead, the owner of the jaw giant, who lost his fighting spirit after being defeated by Eren Jaeger's attack giant in the last battle of Rebelio, also joined the battle to stop Eren.

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I think you can look forward to the cool projection of the beast giant after a long time.

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I will end this world!

Eren's empty expression, shown in the 3rd cooldown, and the reason for disappointment instead of joy at the fact that there are humans living outside the wall was because he was willing to take any action for freedom. It must have been that the same human beings were also included.

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I am the heir of great blood!

Half-brothers who somehow managed to reach will now be able to use the powers of the ancestral giants. Will Eren sympathize with the euthanasia plan and act according to Zeke's wish?

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And at the same time the cry of Zeke begins, the people of Ymir, who swallowed the spinal fluid at the same time, turn into ignorant giants all at once.

attack on titan season 4 part 2 Video

I'll keep going, even if I die.

Eventually, a woman presumed to be Ymir appears from a certain place, and the trailer for the 4th cooldown final season of Attacking Giant lasts about 1 minute and 40 seconds is finished.

The 4th Cooldown Season 2 of Attack on Titan will start airing on January 10, 2022 at 0:05 am. In the image above, it is indicated as 24:05, so it is correct to think that it is January 10, not January 9.

​I haven't been able to confirm the number of episodes yet, but in general, there are cases where the episodes are announced and aired in advance, and there are cases where they aren't. There is only one month left until the show airs. As it is the 4th and 2nd coolies of the finale of the animation, we will have to wait for the future development.

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