Toca Life World Walkthrough

 What is Toca Life World?

Toca Life World

Toca Life World

Toca Boca and all the friends you've met in this awesome series now invite you to Life World, a game all about building your own stories, exploring, and discovering new people, places, and activities, with this brilliant game developing the imagination and the creativity of all the children who will now be having plenty of fun with this awesome game!

Explore the Toca Boca world right now!

The game is set in the fictional setting known as Bop City, which has a total of eight awesome locations for you to visit and discover, where you've got your own apartment, you can go to the park, go to the hairdresser, eat at the food court, and anything else you want to be included in your story.

You can build your own characters, and then place them in new locations and situations, creating new activities and storylines for their life to take since you are your own boss! Use the mouse to interact with the world around you, and see what new surprises you get, with new ones coming weekly, so check the game as often as you can.

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