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Who's Your Daddy An interesting strategy game!

Who’s Your Daddy is a multiplayer, strategy-based game for Windows PCs and Mac devices. While one player takes the role of a ‘baby’, the other has to become the ‘Daddy’ in a tumultuous relationship. It’s Daddy’s primary goal to keep the baby safe in the home. However, the baby makes life really difficult with several antics and moves, only to endanger himself in this fast-paced gaming adventure. For instance, the baby sticks utensils in the outlets, takes some nasty falls, and spends time in the refrigerator, trying to die and ‘win’ the battle. In every other round, the role changes, which keeps you engaged with both perspectives.

An easy-to-play, multiplayer experience!

For Windows PCs, you can find a wide range of interesting and fun games on Steam. In fact, some gems are really waiting to be discovered. Who’s Your Daddy is one such video game, which takes you on a head-to-head epic battle. While the developers focused on ensuring the game served as a parenting simulator, it also allows you to have fun without too much action or overwhelming controls. Compared to Age of Empires or Brawl Stars, this one is simple and straightforward.

As mentioned earlier, the basic objective of the game depends on your choice of character. While the baby needs to make every possible effort to cause chaos and die, daddy needs to keep him safe. Simply put, it’s the parent’s job to childproof the entire home, subsequently winning the round. Moreover, it is also Windows 11 compatible.

who's your daddy

Is Who’s Your Daddy easy to play?

Who’s Your Daddy is an easy-to-play, straightforward video game for two players. With WASD controls, you can play the game without experiencing any issues. Additionally, you can use the right and left mouse buttons to perform actions. It’s worth mentioning that Daddy's character moves a lot faster than the baby.

However, Daddy needs to drag several objects, bypassing the several rules of physics, to protect the baby from harm. While some objects need to be carried out of the baby’s path, others need to be used to childproof the home.

For instance, batteries and bleach are scattered around the house. Similarly, the glass dining table is always waiting to be smashed. Also, the family car explodes on hitting the garage wall.

While trying to protect the baby, daddy can feed fruits to heal certain damage. He can also provide the baby with some energy pills, keeping injury and sickness at bay. Overall, it’s a fun experience and allows you to use plenty of objects and strategies to keep the baby safe.

How to play Who’s Your Daddy?

While the game doesn’t match with GTA: Vice City in terms of action sequences, the baby has a huge arsenal of ‘weapons’. It ranges from soap and forks to knives and bleach. There’s also a hammer to shatter glass objects, and an oven to serve as a tool for self-destruction. Simply put, the baby can use anything to harm himself.

At any point in the game, daddy has his hands full, trying to remove several obstacles from the baby’s path. Whether it’s about grabbing the knife lying in the middle of the room, removing bleach from the kitchen area, or taking away the ball launcher from the baby’s hands, daddy is always occupied with one thing or another.

Fortunately, the game provides daddy with a wide range of backup plans. For instance, he has access to solid bonuses on completion of chores, such as changing batteries in the smoke detector, picking up toys, etc. Such access makes it easier to keep track of the baby’s movements. Moreover, if the baby drinks or eats something harmful, fruit and pills stop the baby’s health from deteriorating.

Daddy can even find outlet covers and locks in various cabinets around the house. This helps him from preventing the baby to get to certain areas. On the other hand, golden keys scattered around the house can open locks, and the baby can look for them during the rounds.

It’s a cat-and-mouse story, which focuses on the hunt throughout the round. While the baby wants to kill itself, daddy needs to protect him from death. With fast-paced gameplay, Who’s Your Daddy keeps you engaged for long hours.

Graphics could be improved

While Who’s Your Daddy is a good game, compared to Minecraft and Roblox, the game has outdated graphics. Although you’ll find it easy to navigate, the overall style focuses on ‘cartoonish’ colors and patterns. In the first look, it’s similar to popular simulation games released in the mid-2000s.

Additionally, the textures of several objects and the varying proportions of characters throughout the home don’t look professional. Similarly, the animation can be characterized as ‘laggy’. However, it’s still hard not to have fun when daddy tries to protect the baby from various objects and mishaps in the house.

In the earlier versions of the game, updates were released every week. Over the years, Who’s Your Daddy has become a full-fledged strategy game, popular among kids and adults alike. With vast spaces in the house, the game has evolved to give you room to deal with the baby’s antics. Without a doubt, Who’s Your Daddy is a fun and interesting game to pass your time. It will take quite a few rounds of battle before you start feeling bored or monotonous.

A fun, engaging game for friends!

Overall, Who’s Your Daddy is an engaging game. Once you start playing it, you’ll want to reverse roles to play the game from both perspectives. With easy-to-play controls and simple graphics, it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, this one will be a good choice to pass your time. Whether you adopt the role of baby (infant son) or daddy (father), you’ll have an amazing time playing this game with your friends. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a single-player mode, and you need to invite a friend to play Who’s Your Daddy.

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