15 Examples of Interests and Hobbies for the CV

15 Examples of Interests and Hobbies for the CV

15 Examples of Interests and Hobbies for the CV

A type of professional document is called a curriculum, curriculum vitae (CV) or also a resume to a type of professional document in which a potential employer or contractor is provided with complete and detailed information on a person's life path, such as who they are, what they have studied, where you have worked and for how long, what talents you have, how to contact you and any other information considered relevant.

As part of this information are usually personal interests and "hobbies," that is, matters that we attend in a sporting or recreational way. And they are for a simple reason: they allow our potential employers to get a more complete idea of ​​our personal profile, attending to the things that we find pleasant, the type of activities that we enjoy or in which we show interest.

Thus, for example, a fan of extreme sports may be a risk-averse person. Simultaneously, a lover of reading and cinema will have a more cultural profile, and an inveterate dancer will undoubtedly have many social talents and be outgoing.

What should you include among your interests?

There are no rules for what one should or should not include in his CV in this matter since each resume is, logically, unique, and unrepeatable like the very life in which it is inspired. But it is convenient to take certain things into account when strategically choosing what information to highlight, as we do on social networks.

In this sense, it should be noted:
  • Hobbies and interests link us to specific causes: the environment, social struggle, society 2.0, etc. Remember that this link can be counterproductive in some instances, so often, we will have to omit some aspects depending on which employer we are targeting.
  • Hobbies and interests that reveal information about our individual talents: being an amateur writer will guarantee a good command of the language, being an occasional DJ in nightclubs ensure a connection with the youth environment, being a basketball player in a parish team reveals strong ties with tradition and self. , etc.
  • International travel and experiences: those who know the world best have better and more excellent points of contrast and therefore a faster understanding of others' points of view. A person who has never traveled knows only what surrounds him.
  • Artistic talents: reveal a profound nature and original thinking ability. If you have them, highlight them. If not, it might be useful to try.
Examples of interests and hobbies

What should you omit among your hobbies?

  • Hobbies and interests superfluous, and that does not mean anything: we may have a great time watching soap operas or playing on the X-Box, but unless we intend to apply for a job in those sectors, it is not necessary to put it on the CV.
  • Hobbies and interests reveal negative aspects of you: we all have vices and bad habits, activities in which we waste time or guilty pleasures that we would prefer not to have to disclose. So let's not do it.
One last recommendation is to keep it short and succinct. Our interests must be apparent on a quick read and show who we are and why our life model is the right one.

They should also be approached with respect and the appropriate terminology: saying "hobbies" or "hobbies" is not the same as saying "extracurricular activities" or "personal interests," and the way we say it will also show many things about the way we think to ourselves.

Examples of interests and hobbies

  • Tennis practitioner (intermediate). Self-taught training at Club Atlético de la Laguna since adolescence. Participation in local championships (1999, 2000, and 2001) obtaining three silver medals. Member of the Official University Team (to date) of the Latin American Business University.
  • Fond of reading. I meet more or less up-to-date with contemporary local authors and read an average of six or seven books a year. I am a regular at the book clubs in my area.
  • Classical (amateur) piano player. I have received musical training during my childhood and private classical piano lessons since I was 7 years old (1992). I practice at least once a week, although I have never given a concert.
  • Frequent traveler. I have visited more than 20 international destinations in the last 10 years of life, between Latin American, European, and Asian minor countries. This has given me an opening of vital perspectives that I consider indispensable.
  • Philately and other collectibles. Almost 6 years of collecting stamps, old bills, and coins make up a modest but detailed personal collection, organized according to international standards (BIPM).
  • Tango dancer. Two years of training at the Academia del Tango Pugliese (Buenos Aires) and more than four frequent weekly practices. Participation in local tango tournaments per couple in 2012 and 2013.
  • The writer of children's literature. I have carried out children's literature workshops with renowned writers such as Luis Carlos Neves or Ana María Shua, and I have written three children's stories (unpublished). One of them was the winner of the Santa Cruz municipal literature contest in 2002.
  • Opera fan. Years of attending the Colón Theater for the main opera performances by national and international companies and a home library of old records of the genre (LP) is the product of my personal interest in this art form and others like it. Notable weakness for Puccini.
  • Cinephile. The particular predilection for Asian auteur cinema: Kurosawa, Wong Kar Wai, Chan-Wook Park, etc. I have an extensive video library about it. I have done workshops at the Santiago Film Center and at the BAMA Amateur Club (Buenos Aires).
  • Amateur mountaineer. More than ten years of constant training in climbing and participation in four amateur expeditions nationwide: Pico Simón Bolívar, Pico Humboldt, Pico Oriental, and Pico Occidental. I am part of the Venezuelan Mountaineering Committee (CVA) based in Caracas.
  • Environmental protector. Interested in defending the environment and in "green" policies, I have been part of various neighborhood recycling campaigns and community organizations around waste disposal. I have volunteered for several Green Peace campaigns .
  • History buff. Years of non-academic or professional interest in history have led me to form my own library, with more than one hundred volumes read on various topics, with a particular predilection for the Greco-Roman period.
  • Veterinarian apprentice. Casual and informal internships as a veterinary assistant in a cousin's office. Interest in the animal world and care for the needy.
  • Football player. I have been part of a neighborhood soccer league with weekly practices for more than six years. I consider myself a follower of this sport that I consider of great value in our culture.
  • Yoga practitioner. For several years, the practice of this discipline has served me as a vital complement for the development of balance and inner serenity. I have seen classes and courses with various local and foreign teachers.
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