List Most Used Software In Offices

Office Software


List Most Used Software In Offices

Office software is one of the best inventions that has been integrated into technology. Thanks to this system, it is possible to improve productivity and efficiency when performing any type of office task; write letters, thesis, schedule a trip, print invitations and endless options.

Next, you will be able to know what an office software is and the best programs available today

What is Office Software?

An Office Software, in simple language is that type of computer prop that can provide different tasks that are everyday in an office job.

This system is integrated into a computer and executes all the options for which it was programmed. The greatest skill is that, if a person does not have computer skills, it will still be easy for him to use office software.

This is largely due to the fact that the management and administration of calculation, documentation or programming is very simple. The necessary tools are within this program.

Office Software Features

The main function of this type of software is to satisfactorily meet all the demand related to the functions of each office. Its interface can help reduce time in writing, editing, and printing articles and documents.

Work accurately and save copies to speed up the job. In the world of technology in which we live, accelerating productivity is a necessity. That is why one of the biggest features of office software is that it reduces working time due to its effectiveness.


  • Includes easy-to-use word processors.
  • It has basic functionalities for the revision of texts in spelling and grammar.
  • It has default templates.
  • You can create drafts such as resumes or text boxes.
  • Calculations can be made and accounting can be kept .
  • Allows the printing of documents.
  • Save copies and archive each document with a customizable name.

10 most used software in Offices

In this list we will review a selection of the software and office suites with greater use and utility today, so you will know which one to use to be successful in the use of a certain program, let's start:

Microsoft Office

We started by describing the largest in the word processor industry, none other than Microsoft Office. This program is indisputably present on any computer, thanks to its excellent features it is greatly appreciated in the computer world.

Microsoft Office is nothing more than a suite with incredible solutions for document management, making worksheets, creating spreadsheets, working on presentations, creating advertising or projects and everything can be stored on the OneDrive platform .

Oracle Open Office

For the creation of basic tasks such as the execution of spreadsheet operations or creation of any type of document, this software is one of the most suitable. It is created as a suite that offers different functionalities focused on technology and the performance of daily productivity.

Those who have used other types of office software also attest that this is one of the best you can work with. Its best feature is that you can save and create folders in an organized manner, as well as positioning the list of documents by weight. It's just a marvel for home office work.

Google Docs

Being one of the most popular, Google Docs has been gaining its place in the entire market. This is because it has tools that are indispensable for editing any text document, presentation and spreadsheets.

It is a free tool that is accessed through a web browser, also incorporates functions to share files or documents, and the edition of them in real time. The storage is in a cloud and allows you to access it at all times.

Microsoft Works

Another prominent office software is Microsoft Works; it is a moderately popular support compared to the previous ones. They have basic functions, although it lacks some kind of support like Microsoft Office.

Create the best scenarios to accelerate productivity at work. It is a competent software suite, since it allows the editing of documents, creation of spreadsheets and presentation in the same file. It converts documents to the desired format and has a good storage and organization system.


EasyOffice is a very viable option for home office tasks. It is a useful suite for any user with few compatibility needs, it is light and easy to use. If you are a beginner or use the computer very little, this option will be very useful to manage some text tasks.

If you need to do an everyday activity such as writing reports, planning a budget or making a spreadsheet , this is the ideal tool, although it has compatibility problems and does not have support, it is a good quality home use software.


In sixth place we have one of the most indispensable file storages in this technological era. DrobBox stands out among all because it is the best for the synchronization of document and file storage.

It is an office software that backs up all files in a cloud to access it quickly and without losing any data. You can place the most important documents in it, and you will never lose them thanks to its unlimited access. It has a high level of privacy and allows text editing from its own interface.

Adobe Reader

Now it's time to highlight one of the most current office software, we do not refer to Adobe Reader. It is a powerful software for the creation and conversion of documents in PDF format, it is very useful specifically for printing files.

It is a must-have document reader in any office, this is because you can create, edit and save documents securely. Its save option prevents a third person from easily editing or changing your content, resulting in one of the best options for content protection.

Cellframe Office Home

We have a useful office software for the home, it stands out mainly for the creation of graphic documents and photo editing. It has very safe graphical tools to use although it has problems with file compatibility.

For users who want to mold any type of image, this will be the perfect tool. It has the right support to make changes graphically. It is very little used in offices, but is recommended for the ability to edit.

Google Chrome

Another big indispensable in an office is Google Chrome, it is the easiest tool to enter any web page and process texts online. It's a great way to edit and create documents with the available and up-to-date web tools.

Specifically, it is used for the search of information on the Internet, access to portals and specific pages that are very useful in an office. You have access to software download and a cloud of file and document storage.


Finally, we highlight LucicChart, this office software stands out for the creation and organization of diagrams. For any office and company it is important to realize and organize ideas related to projects.

The best way to do this is to use the right tool and LucidChart is one of them. Create different types of diagrams, org charts, prototype, mind maps, schematics, and flowcharts with browser support. The interface is straightforward, making it the best choice that can be considered for flawless office software in its category.


Once analyzed what an office software means, functionalities, features and the best programs available; there will be no doubt about what you really need to install on your computer.

The options are very varied, but if you want to achieve the best productivity and efficiency you must use the right tool. Consider the above options and start by installing the software system best suited for office work use. You will not regret the choice, as you will have chosen correctly.

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