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Scary Teacher Game

His online entertainment is perfect for cooling down your nerves in a fun and unusual manner. Scary Teacher 3D is a story about a pretty bad teach who tortures her students with loads of homework, angry outbursts, and even physical punishment. But now it is time for revenge! She moved to a new house and now this monstrous lady is your neighbor.

There are 15 rooms in her house and in each of them you can “fix” some things up to scare and annoy her as revenge for all of the children’s tears! Your goal is to do as much mischief as possible without getting caught.

You are always in danger of being caught off guard in one of the rooms you are not supposed to be in. This brings thrills and a horror element although just a little bit so the game doesn’t have age restrictions.

Besides implementing your insidious yet fair revenge, such as, for instance, adding a jalapeno pepper to your neighbor’s pizza making it unbearably spicy, or putting a pin on her couch, you will face multiple challenges and mysteries to solve.

And of course, the main mystery waits in the locked dark basement. Make sure to get there once you are ready – train your acumen, courage, and sneaking abilities. By the way, you will not only help the pupils of this scary teacher but also animals locked in her house. Yes, this bad lady is cruel with pets too! If you love animals, you will enjoy helping them, and seeing their happy faces will be your best reward!

If you want to spend time having fun, embark on this adventure in an open-world-style interactive house solving mysteries and doing what you couldn’t do in your real life to your bad teachers or neighbors. It is a thrilling digital entertainment that trains your wits, reaction, and allows you to blow off steam without actually harming anyone.

Since the beginning of time, teachers have been hassling kids and giving them a hard time for no good reason. That ends today!

Play Scary Teacher 3D on your computer to meet the worst teacher ever. Miss T hates kids. She truly hates children and has spent her whole career threatening, harming, and torturing the students that were unlucky enough to enter her classroom.

One genius student has had it with Miss T and is ready to do something about it. Join her and sneak around this creepy teacher’s home, setting traps and pranks to scare the bejeezus out of her.

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